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Core77 Conference, 2016
Experience design for an industrial design conference in L.A.


Laurence Sarrazin, lead

The Pressure, graphic design


My roles:  

Experience design

Client communication

Concept development

Content creation

Copy editing


Concept consistency

Design publishers and community builders Core77 realized that name badges, a swanky venue, and keynote speakers weren't enough to create a memorable, cohesive and relationship-building conference. They hired our interdisciplinary team of designers to think through the entire experience from top to bottom and redesign the experience of a conference.

Once the identity of the conference was developed, we integrated the visual theme throughout every touchpoint. We made sure attendees felt welcomed and cared for and had plenty of opportunity for networking and socializing. We scaffolded moments of engagement and conversation around the themes of the conference. Both small and grand moments created an experience not quickly forgotten!

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