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Fade Into Sunset (Demo) - The Easy
Lovin' Ain't So Easy - Logger's Daughter

Blending elements of soul, gospel, jazz, folk, and blues, Betsy (Lance) Reyes is a genre-bending singer, songwriter, bandleader, and multi-instrumentalist. 


The seed was planted early, in a home filled with everything from the Beatles to Beethoven. In 9th grade, Betsy got a guitar for Christmas and bought her own drum set. Somewhere between trying to strum along with Paul Simon on Bookends and drum along with Medeski, Martin & Wood on A Go Go, she fell in love with music.  

Music Projects

The Easy

If you like to shimmy, groove, and shake your money-maker, you're gonna dig this. The Easy is a neo-soul group fronted by three vocalists. They play Betsy's original tunes that are a love letter to jazz, gospel, funk, and soul music — tons of three-part harmonies and funky hooks.

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Logger's Daughter

Combining soulful blues, moany traditionals and foot-stomping, hand-clapping gospel, Logger's Daughter is a blues-folk ensemble that taps into the history of American music and pulls together the good stuff. "This band lives and breathes in the lovely space between fiction and history, telling unforgettable melodic stories set to carefully crafted instrumentals." (Kelly Jones


Their debut album is available to purchase in CD, cassette tape, and vinyl, and on all streaming services. 

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Betsy & Pete's Christmas EPs

Every Christmas, Betsy and her brother create a musical gift for their family and friends. They arrange and record carols, hymns, and folk songs in their little home studio. 

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