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Nanoland Exhibition
How do you get audiences excited about a scientific field
in which nothing can be seen with the human eye? How do you
activate an underused space and build capacity within an in-house team?


Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)


Kelsey Snook, creative lead

Laurence Sarrazin, 3D design

Will Bryant, illustration

Christy Peterson, copywriting


My roles:  

Experience design

Design research

Discovery artifacts

Concept development

Client presentations

Content development

Graphic production

Electron microscope manufacturer FEI partnered with OMSI to create an exhibit that would excite visitors about the nano-world their machines allowed scientists to explore. OMSI hired our team to create a participatory and immersive way to approach nanotechnology. The museum had its own outcomes for the project — they had an underused space they wanted to activate and wanted help stretching their team's capacity to create temporary, in-house exhibits.

After extensive research, interviews, spatial mapping exercises, behavioral observations, prototyping, and user testing, Nanoland was born.


Our team developed an accessible narrative with participatory moments that guests loved sharing on social media. The once defunct space saw a dramatic increase in foot traffic and stay time. OMSI's team finished the project with new tools for thinking beyond museum defaults and built confidence in their ability to create low-cost, crafty installations.

The Research and Development Process

The Final Exhibition

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